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Chironji Ki Dal Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

Chironji Ki Dal Recipe is a distinct sort of dal ready with the chironji seeds, it’s an almond flavored seed which is majorly used as a cooking spice in Indian delicacies. The seeds are first soaked in water to take away the shell and get solely the nut which resembles a pine nut. The seed is then floor coarsely after which made right into a dal. To provide a distinct texture to the creamy dal we now have additionally added chopped bhindi or girls finger.

The seed helps in cooling your physique so due to this fact can be utilized in an effort to cut back the burning sensation. The seeds are additionally good to construct the immune system and may be included as part of a food regimen for diabetics. 

Serve the Chironji Ki Dal Recipe together with Bhatura Recipe (Fried Puffed Yogurt Bread) and a few Pickled Onions Recipe to make you breakfast full. 

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